Shear Stud Welding Machines 19mm 22mm Economical Stud Welders

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Shear Connector Stud Welding Machines are designed and manufactured to weld stud to the steel beams . The Stud welding machines can weld the studs over the steel deck as well .
The stud type mostly used in steel projects is 19mm and 22mm .
The welding machine Ge2500i is an inverter type model whereby it can generate upto 2500amp.
Therefore it can easliy weld studs to the steel beam.
Modern design, small size, light weight;
*Strong capability of anti-fluctuation of electric grid/voltage;
Welding is available at power voltage 330 – 450V;
*Far distance welding is available;
* High duty cycle, more studs welded in every minute;
* High efficiency, beautiful forming of welding seam, strong structure dynamic;
* High voltage-output at no-load;
* Easy arc striking, 100% available;
* Protection on short circuit, over
temperature, over current, over voltage etc;
*Safe and stable working, easy operation and maintenance.

Specification GE-2500i Model Stud Welder
Input power 380V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz
Input current 197A
No-load voltage 110V
Load voltage 44V
Max. current 2500A
Current adjustment range 200 – 2500A
Output power 110KVA
Duty cycle 60%
Efficiency 90%
Welding stud diameter range 8 --- 25mm
19mm stud -10PCS/Minute
22mm stud 6PCS/Minute
25mm stud 3PCS/Minute
Welding time 0 --- 5second
Short circuit protection 2second
Welding current, welding time, open phase,
over voltage, over temperature
Protection class IP21S
Weight 125KG
Dimensions 870 X 420 X 850mm
(Length X Width X Height)
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Shear Stud Welding Machines
Stud Welders through Steel Deck
Made in PRC
You can inspect the machines in our warehouse in Istanbul Turkey or in China
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